About Us

The Kumusha Collection represents many different artists of many different mediums, and it aims to benefit equally all concerned.

Our range includes products collected from more than twenty different countries and many more separate cultures. Even so it captures just a snapshot of the wonderful diversity of this amazing continent.

The Kumusha Gallery range includes traditional and contemporary products which embody the rich artistic and cultural heritage of the African people. Traditional skills such as beading, weaving, and woodcarving are being kept alive at the village level across Africa as demand in more developed economies for all things African has skyrocketed in recent years. In many cases this has resulted in an exciting fusion of age old crafts with contemporary design.

In selecting our range of products our focus is not only on the end product but also its origins. Every effort is made to ensure that our suppliers have a proven commitment to community development and fair trade principles. Kumusha furniture is made from sustainably harvested African timbers such as teak or saligna, or from recycled timber such as century old railway sleepers.

Amanda Norman and her family spent two and a half years in Victoria Falls Zimbabwe where they built and operated their own safari lodge and touring company. It was during this time that Amanda developed her appreciation for both traditional and contemporary art and crafts.

On her return to Australia, Amanda established Kumusha Gallery in Melbourne. Many of the items in the store are imported exclusively by Kumusha Gallery. Whilst Kumusha Gallery is predominantly a retail operation, wholesale enquiries are welcome.